Doctor Who: 5 Actresses Who Could Play The 12th Doctor

doctor who female Before you make a B-line for the comments section to tell me just how terrible/stupid/crazy of an idea it is to have a woman portray the historically male Doctor, please, don't do that. For three reasons. Firstly, because this isn't the first time the idea has been brought up, nor will it be the last. Secondly, because while it is definitely a different concept, different does not always mean bad. Thirdly, I'm not saying they should or shouldn't make the next Doctor a woman, I'm simply saying that if they did or when they do, these five actresses are, in my opinion, prime candidates for the role.

5. Julie Andrews

Show of hands as to how many people immediately pictured Mary Poppins with a Sonic Screwdriver? How about now? You can€™t see it, but my hand is raised. All we€™d need to do is replace the umbrella with the TARDIS and we€™re just about there to begin with. Well, sort of. Julie Andrews would bring a distinguished quality to the Doctor while maintaining a whimsical flair. With over thirty film roles under her belt along with numerous television and stage credits, Andrews definitely has the experience and the talent necessary to take up the mantle. I think her portrayal would beckon back to Tom Baker€™s blend of solemn and cheer. Whether or not she could handle the role wouldn€™t even be a question. And, who doesn€™t love Julie Andrews? She€™d definitely draw an audience.

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