Doctor Who: 5 Awesome Villains From Other TV Shows That Would Make Great Enemies

the borg No one (or indeed no thing) can or ever will surpass the Daleks (or even the Cybermen) as the Doctor's arch-nemeses. That's pretty much a given. However, I've often watched certain other television shows and thought to myself how certain villains who appear in them would make for very interesting challenges for the Doctor to overcome. The variety and versatility of the Doctor's foes in his long existence has been undeniable - from the Daleks and the Cybermen to the Weeping Angels and the Sensorites - but there is still room for more and it would definitely be cool to see villains from other sources appear in the Whoniverse to take the big man on. With that in mind, here are five awesome villains from other TV shows that would make great Doctor Who enemies...

5. Milton Fine - Smallville

miltonfine Played by James Marsters, a man who has already been seen in the Whoniverse as rogue time agent Captain John Hart, Milton Fine was Smallville's interpretation of a major member of Superman's rogue gallery; Brainiac. Milton Fine would represent an intellectual threat to the Doctor, as well as a physical threat on a level that he has never had to face before - he is able to physically out-muscle Clark Kent. With his vast computer intelligence coupled with a power-set that consists of super-strength, super-speed, super-durability and invulnerability, flight, heat vision, X-ray vision, replication, shape-shifting, electronic manipulation, biological manipulation, information absorption and mineral manipulation, the Doctor might truly meet his match with Fine. It would be amazing to see the Doctor trying to prevent Fine's attempts to unleash a global computer virus (cue the Sonic Screwdriver working overtime) whilst also trying to avoid potential physical attacks and altercations, which would not go well for him. Of course, Fine can also be reprogrammed to be a force of good. So, given the opportunity, the Doctor could rewire him for a very interesting team-up!

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