Doctor Who: 5 Best & 5 Worst 11th Doctor Episodes

Doctor Who 11th Hour 1 Let me start off with a confession. My interest in Doctor Who began back in 2005 and therefore I am of the Nu-Who ilk (Cue chorus of boos). However, while my interest did begin as an awkward 14 year old, I have steadily immersed myself, slowly but surely into the realms of Old Who, introducing myself to villains, characters and plot lines that may have been referenced in the Davies/Moffat eras. I make this confession to those who may see my choices within this list as sacrilege against the episodes that stay true to Old Who. To those that feel that way, I humbly apologise. There is one thing we all can agree on however and that is Matt Smith has been a rather good doctor. He has generated enthusiasm, wit, charm and the occasional moment of anger to evoke and connect the more emotional moments of the show to us. While his stay is not quite over yet, I will be taking a retrospective look at his tenure at the helm of the TARDIS before Smith presumably flies off into the twin Gallifreyan sunsets. Of the 42 (remember that mess) episodes that Matt Smith has starred as The Doctor it has been far harder to find bad episodes to good, which shows the quality and depth the show has attained over the past few years. Steven Moffat should be applauded by bringing an era of consistency and never ceasing to amaze. Let me point out, no episode is wonderfully perfect or hopelessly awful, everything has a flaw and some merit. I will be tackling both the positives and negativities from both sets of episodes and discuss the reasoning behind my choices. While I expect my choices to be a very contentious issue, I hope for a lively discussion down in the comments section. So without further ado, let us kick of he best and worst 11th Doctor episodes...
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