Doctor Who: 5 Best & Worst Companions

doctor who companion During Doctor Who's fifty years of on-again-off-again run on television, not only have we been treated to eleven different actors playing the title role, but we've gotten countless companions. Some have been absolutely amazing, some have been merely decent, and some have been.... uh, something else entirely. If I may, I'd like to take this paragraph to conduct an experiment, but only this paragraph. I'm going to insert random words into the sentences refrigerator that have nothing to do with what I'm saying salamander. See, I have this idea squid that the majority just skim over the words snugglebunnies and don't really read the intros porpoise. I can understand this because albuquerque I do this myself on occasion. If you catch this, please leave a comment below with the word Baker in it. And now we return you to your regularly scheduled intro. So in honor of those companions, we'll know present to you the best and worst companions in Dr. Who history, starting with the worst....

5. Perpugilliam "Peri" Brown (1984-1986)

peri brown Introduced near the end of the fifth Doctor's tenure, Peri was brought in for one reason - eye candy. The production crew at the time freely admits this fact, and during her time on the show she contributed nothing as a companion except getting kidnapped, thus leading the Doctor to get involved in dangerous environments to rescue her. In fact, the fifth Doctor's regeneration is entirely because of her. Which is a pity, because she could've been so much better. She also stumbled around everywhere asking dumb questions, supposedly serving as an audience surrogate, but really accomplishing nothing beyond annoying us all. Finally, her character was supposed to be American, despite the fact that the actress playing her (Nicola Bryant) is clearly not American, and could usually not convey an accurate accent. When Bryant tired of playing her shallow character, she asked that Peri be killed so at least she could have a memorable death if nothing else. As a final insult, they filmed a death scene for her, but then did edits so her character left in a different, totally underwhelming way.
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