Doctor Who: 5 Surefire Ways To Push The Doctor's Buttons

Get up in his grill.

The Doctor is continually exasperated by people interrupting his brilliance when he's just trying to get on with saving the universe. Even when he was a mere handful of centuries old, he had set ideas on how he wanted to operate and as such he is quickly annoyed when he cannot do and feel what he likes. Annoying the Doctor is somewhat different from his deeply held principles that he's acquired over time. Yes, it annoys him when the Brigadier is quick to launch military action but the greater issue is that he prefers to use violence only when necessary. Unlike the Master, he wants to see the wonder of the universe without trying to control or destroy it. No, Doctor-Annoyances come in more everyday forms. It's the small picture - how he and his companions are to get through whatever situation they are in, preferably without a catastrophic outcome. If everyone listens to him, he is far less bristly or prone to insulting outbursts and that fact has always been true no matter what his regeneration. Are his expectations reasonable? Perhaps not, but that's the price one pays for his help, his behaviour implies. So, what are those little-to-medium things that are sure to annoy the Doctor? What should other aliens and companions alike keep in mind when dealing with him? Let's get right to it...


Sara Habein is the author of INFINITE DISPOSABLE. She is a staff writer for Persephone Magazine, and the editor of the Word Riot blog. Her Doctor is number Eight, but the Twelfth is right behind.