Doctor Who: 5 Ways To Bring Back The 10th Doctor And Rose

doc who With Matt Smith quitting the show last week, Doctor Who's 50th anniversary quickly approaching and the hour-long 3D special set to hit our television screens on November 23, there are a lot of questions going around that internet regarding the future of our favourite timelord. Who is John Hurt's Doctor? Is he the real 9th Doctor? Does that make Matt Smith the 12th? How will Hurt's Doctor meet up with Smith and David Tennant? Who will Rose play into the plot? Just who on Earth will be Doctor Who in 2014? So many questions and so few answers. I have decided to try to answer at least one of these burning questions in this feature: How will the Tenth Doctor and Rose be brought back? Read on to check out my theories...

5. Zygons

zygons Early on, it was announced that the 50th anniversary special would feature Cybermen, Daleks and Zygons. I know what you are thinking: 'Who are the Zygons?' The Zygons are an alien race first introduced in the Tom Baker adventure Terror of the Zygons. They have yet to reappear in the show despite being used in other media including novels and audio dramas. The Zygons have the ability to shape-shift. You see where this is going, don't you? And I'm sure that a lot of fans would be angry to find out that the Tenth Doctor and Rose that we see in the special are actually imposters. But if this is how Steven Moffat decides to bring the two back, there is a silver lining. In order for the Zygons to shape-shift into another person, they must keep the original alive. Perhaps, the Zygons are impersonating Ten and Rose and are found out by Eleven and Clara. Then, they have to save Ten and Rose from the Zygons. Likelihood of Happening: 2/10 - It seems a bit far fetched and doesn't seem to explain the presence of John Hurt's Doctor. But the inclusion of such a minor and relatively unknown alien from Doctor Who history who just happens to be able to shape-shift seems like too much of a coincidence.

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