Doctor Who: 6 Reasons The Sixth Doctor Is Usually Hated

But perhaps he isn't so bad after all.

If there is one given among Doctor Who fans, it's that they love their lists. Best or worst episodes, top moments... you name it and there's probably a list out there. In fact, there's probably a list of their favourite lists somewhere, because why the hell not? One of the more popular list categories, though, is a ranking system for each actor who has played the role of the Doctor during the course of the run on the telly. While many fans and lists vary with respects to the 'best' or favourite Doctor, one man tends to always be at the bottom of the list (or top, in regards to "worst Doctor"), and that man is, if you hadn't already guessed, the Sixth Doctor, Mr Colin Baker. Colin Baker took over the role in 1984, from the popular yet underrated Peter Davison, and immediately set himself apart from his immediate predecessor. With camera close ups galore, the Sixth Doctor portrayed himself as brash, arrogant and ever so cocky in comparison to all the other incarnations that came before him. It was a combination of those characteristics, along with his... unique... choice in wardrobe, that led many fans taking an instant dislike to him. Regardless of how he has been remembered, he, along with any other man to be in the lead role, has left his own mark upon the show. Since leaving in 1986, and especially since the revived series began, many fans have taken a new liking to Colin Baker. So, for those that are still on the fence, here are 6 reasons why the Sixth Doctor is usually hated to affirm why he isn't that bad after all.
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