Doctor Who: 7 Reasons Why The Twelfth Doctor Actually Sucks

Is he a good man? Apparently not.

Everybody loves the morally grey rebel or the bad boy who does whatever the hell he wants because he doesn't give a damn about what anyone thinks. Maybe it's because, deep down, people want to be the guy who can talk down to everyone, including their boss? Or maybe it's because, when the bad boy finally does something selfless, it feels genuinely from the inside, since it's such a rare event? The Twelfth Doctor is a bad boy, and a terribly written one, at that. Sherlock Holmes is a "good" bad boy, Gregory House is a "good" bad boy, Jeff Winger is a "good" bad boy... but not the Twelfth Doctor. Nope. And this is the topic of the day. Be warned, though, as reading this article will bring with it the realisation that this is only the minority opinion. The intention here is is not to force the opinion, but to let some people understand a differing perspective of those who didn't really take to the Twelfth Doctor during his first series. If that changes the mind of the viewer, then great, but it's also understood that it 's because of a convincing argument rather than an absolute right answer. If you don't change your mind, that's fine, too. You can't win 'em all, right? Oh, and let's just get rid of the obvious here. No, it's not because he's old. By now, it's a proven and indisputable fact that age is never an overriding issue with the Doctor (he's 2,000 years old, for God's sake!). And no, this is not a criticism of Peter Capaldi. He's done a great job thus far, so it's the character, not the actor, who is the issue here. And no, it's not the eyebrows, either. It's because...
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