Doctor Who: 8 Reasons The Tenth Doctor Was An Actual Monster

Was the Tenth Doctor really as nice as you remember?

Doctor Who David Tennant Tenth Doctor
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David Tennant's Tenth Doctor is considered one of the most iconic and brilliant incarnations of the popular character. His fun, cheeky and winsome character brought in many new fans but equally charmed long-time fans.

Over the course of three seasons and four special episodes, this Doctor is one of the longest serving in New Who, and he had some spectacular stories that really cemented their place as classics. The entirety of season four where he teamed up with Catherine Tate's Donna Noble is a historic high point for the show and symbolised a golden age for its popularity. This was mostly down to this Doctor being a fun-loving alien who had time for everyone and had no trouble making friends and dealing with his enemies peacefully, as per the Doctor's code, right?

WRONG! The Tenth Doctor is an absolute menace! He was cold and cruel. He was quick to anger and unafraid to act on it. Worst of all, he became so arrogant that he disregarded the basic principles of Time Travel!

Yes, the Tenth Doctor was a monster and this is why!

8. He Is Manipulative

Doctor Who David Tennant Tenth Doctor
BBC Studios

The Tenth Doctor likes to get his way, and he doesn't care who he hurts to get it. Whether it's part of his plan to defeat an enemy or just getting what he wants out of people, Ten is highly manipulative.

Examples of this manipulation are everywhere, but one of the most notable is in The Waters of Mars, where he tells Captain Adelaide Brooke that she has to die, so the world progresses a certain way. Later, he decides to save her, but Brooke kills herself, knowing she had to die. Had Ten not spent so long manipulating her into accepting her fate, then this rescue might have ended differently.

He also manipulated romantic relationships with women including Elizabeth the First and Madame de Pompadour. While there may have been some feelings there, these relationships often existed to further his knowledge of alien plots. He was oblivious to Martha Jones' infatuation with him, but used her and moulded her into someone who would do whatever he asked without question.

There are too many times to count all the cold, calculated games he plays with people's lives, but it was too common for Ten and often ended badly. Just take a look at Voyage of the Damned and the tragedy of Donna Noble.


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