Doctor Who: 8 Simple Fixes It Must Make For Series 12

Jodie Whittaker had a solid start, but Chibnall's Doctor Who still has a lot of issues to sort out.

Doctor Who Series 12 Fixes

Series 11 of Doctor Who was an interesting one. While production value went up tenfold, the writing took a pretty steep nosedive. It wasn't all bad though, as Rosa and Demons of the Punjab were exceptional episodes, contrasted by the quality (or lack thereof) of The Tsuranga Conundrum and the pretty bleak conclusion to the series with The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos.

It's safe to say that Series 11 left a bad taste in some people's mouths. There were some great moments but, with the series done and having had time to step back and look at the whole thing, you can see that it wasn't exactly stellar.

Since we've got a good year until Series 12 there's a lot of time for Chibnall and his team of writers to get thinking of how they can improve the series overall. Oh, what? It's already in production? F**k. We can speculate though, surely? Well, this is more of a wishlist now, but they're definitely things we hope Chibnall and the Series 12 team keep in mind.

8. Tone Down The Exposition

Doctor Who The Witchfinders

Probably the biggest criticism of Series 11 was the fact there was so much time spent gawping at The Doctor as she rambled on about x, y, and z. Be it a history lesson, some science gobbledegook, or recounting fairytales of her childhood, it was all pretty unnecessary. As much as Doctor Who was originally envisioned as an educational program, with the science-fiction element being nothing more than the enabler for time travel and subsequent educating, Series 11 took this a little too much to heart. It felt less educational, and more of a means of padding the episode to reach that 50-minute runtime.

The Doctor was always good at doing ­and talking, but throughout Thirteen’s first run, we saw more talking than doing. The physicality, the kineticism of Doctor Who fell almost flat during this series, and every time you realised a Doctor monologue was coming - and not a good one like the ones Capaldi used to do - it was infuriating. Basically Chris, less of this.

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