Doctor Who: 9 Dropped Plot Threads We’ll Never Get Answers To (And 1 We Will)


Since Doctor Who came back in 2005 it has evolved from being a Saturday teatime treat for British children (and their nostalgic parents) to one of the chief geek shows on TV. Heightened episode quality coupled with the increased popularity in America have turned Whovians into a force that have Trekkies quaking. Who has relished this new found popularity, becoming increasingly dual layered. While the core child audience can still enjoy the fantastical stories, episodes have hidden hints and seemingly throwaway references that provide clues for fans about where the show is heading. Unfortunately, with this comes plot threads that don€™t end up explored; for every reference that gets a payoff down the line, there€™s one that fans put weight on that never becomes anything. While this is certainly more prominent with Steven Moffat€™s writing, it€™s been a problem across the whole series. Coming up are nine such plot threads I doubt we€™ll ever get any resolution to, along with one long standing arc we€™ll likely get enlightened on very soon. I've decided to stick with nu-Who, primarily because this is where the continuity began to be fully chronicled, highlighting these dropped threads.

The One We Will: The Time War

Name2 The biggest change made to the series when it was revived, the Time War killed off all the Time Lords and Daleks, making the Doctor the last of his kind. Slowly hinted throughout Davies and Moffat€™s era we gradually gleaned small bits of information regarding its events; it€™s time locked, the Time Lord's went mad, the Doctor ended it. Still, there€™s a big air of mystery around the war and fans have long been waiting for something more than a throwaway comment. The Time Lords' presence in The End Of Time helped, but they were more confirming what we suspected rather than offering anything new. But The Time War doesn't make the main list because, if the popular fan theories end up true, the 50th Anniversary special may finally shed some light on it. Which Doctor John Hurt is playing has been the key debate since his shocking reveal at the end of The Name Of The Doctor and the enduring theory is that he is the one who killed the two races, placing him between Paul McGann. This is the longest plot thread in nu-Who, but likely one we€™ll get an answer to very soon. Now onto the nine plot threads that we unfortunately won't get answers to.
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