Doctor Who: 9 Things You Never Knew The Ninth Doctor Did

From multi-Doctor adventures to meeting Sally Sparrow.

Of all the Doctors to have ever been, it appears that the middle Doctors are often sorely overlooked or forgotten. The Sixth with his Joseph Jacket, the third with his Lord Byron outfit and the 'other' Doctor shoehorned into an episode, and most Doctor Who fans are still enthralled with the Eleventh's bow-tie, enamoured with the Tenth Doctor's sticky-uppy hair or lost somewhere in the Fourth Doctor's curls. Unfortunately, there is less rabid excitement about Ninth Doctor, which is confusing for a Doctor with such great depths to his character. The PTSD Doctor, stumbling out of his TARDIS in anguish over his assumed destruction of his people. The snarky Doctor, masking his pain by the jokes and friendly ribbing with Rose and Captain Jack, and the Doctor again, standing at the threshold of death to Daleks and humans alike, refusing to commit genocide even for the greater good and trying, in some small way, to redeem himself for his sins. Christopher Eccleston's portrayal of such a layered character was absolutely brilliant and the unfortunate circumstances of his departure from the show has indeed robbed us of more stories about the leather-jacketed Time Lord with the big ears. While the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Doctor (and even the Valeyard) have had their universe expanded upon in books and Big Finish audio dramas, it does seem depressing that the Ninth Doctor's entire era was able to be released on DVD with room for bonus features. But for those who argue that "The Ninth Doctor never did anything!" as a reason to skip Nine, prepare to be amazed at some of the adventures the Ninth Doctor had outside of the main television series. To honour Christopher Eccleston, here are 9 things you never knew the Ninth Doctor did. You'll be surprised he got around so much...


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