Doctor Who: 9 Years Retrospective Look At The Ninth Doctor

Nine years on, how does the Ninth Doctor hold up?

It has come to be somewhat of a fashion amongst the older generation of Doctor Who fans to tell newer converts to make sure they don't 'Skip 9'. As such, 'Skip 9' has become one of the most prevalent memes in the Doctor Who fandom, and rightly so, of course, for Christopher Eccelston's performance in the first series of NuWho is arguably wholly responsible for the modern continuation of the Time Lord's adventures as well as the ongoing success of the modern series, which is now enjoying levels of international success of which it has never experienced before. However, believe it or not but it has now been nine whole years since number the Ninth Doctor left the show and, with the fandom's enduring love for the Tenth Doctor, the undisputable coolness of the Eleventh, and now the grumpy old man called Twelve to boot, the Ninth Doctor is often overlooked - and in some cases even shamelessly forgotten entirely - in celebrations of the modern era. Is his exclusion from the proceedings justified? Or is there much more to this alien with a northern accent (lots of planets have a north!) than first meets the eye? Read on in this retrospective list of the Ninth Doctor's short but sweet era and you'll soon find out...

Matthew Quayle was born in 1994 in Queensland, Australia. He mostly spends his time watching TV, playing games and being opinionated. Now that he has a job writing at What Culture, he's getting paid to do it too.