Doctor Who: All The Masters Ranked Worst To Best

1. Roger Delgado

The first and the best, Roger Delgado's Master has been referred to throughout this article as the Master on which all other performances are modelled and it is easy to see why. Making his debut in Terror of the Autons, he was the Moriaty to the Third Doctor's Sherlock for three series and was as much a recurring character as the UNIT family. He could be as dashing and debonair as the Doctor without any redeeming qualities. He would hypnotize and manipulate his victims to do his bidding, viewing humanity as pawns in his war with the Doctor. Of course, Delgado did not play him as a moustache-twirling villain. There was far more depth to his character that made audiences love him as much as they hated him. His schemes were diabolical, his disguises cunning and he allied with many of the Doctors enemies - from Autons and Sea Devils to the Daleks themselves in his final adventure, Frontier In Space. Sadly Delgado died in a car crash before he could film his final story 'The Final Game' which would have seen the battle between the Doctor and Master come to a dramatic - and final - end. It is also easy to see why it took so long to cast another actor in the role. How could anyone beat the late, great Roger Delgado as the Master? So concludes are look at the many faces of the Master. Do you agree with this list? Is Delgado still worthy of the top spot after all these years? Do you view Missy a revelation or a travesty? Who is your favourite version of the Master? Join the conversation in the comments section below!
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