Doctor Who An Adventure In Space And Time: 5 Things We Are Excited To See Again


So 50 years, I get the feeling I should be getting more excited than I am. So far we have been told that Doctor Who is going to be taking over television this year, yet we haven€™t really seen anything to prove it. We€™re getting the second half of Series 7, which we would have had anyway and no news about Series 8, leaving this being a year with one of the fewest episodes in recent times. We have yet to be told details about the anniversary special or specials other than it will be in 3D. There is a lot of merchandise and various events coming up (mostly in London) including a 3 day convention that has just been announced but I€™m not made of money and I don€™t live in London So it€™s hard to really get excited.

The one thing that has really got me hyped is the forthcoming docu-drama €˜An Adventure in Space and Time€™. It€™s going to be hard to do a true story about Doctor Who badly and from the tantalizing glimpses we€™ve seen so far, I am greatly looking forward to seeing this story and the great moments we all remember as part of that. So what big five things am I looking forward to most?

5. The Daleks


The involvement of the Daleks was pretty much expected but as always, the BBC likes to keep tight lipped about all details about any production unless they release them themselves. However it was inevitable that the Daleks would be spotted on Westminster Bridge so wisely the BBC used it to their advantage and released some behind the scenes footage of this iconic moment. Personally I€™m amazed that we are getting not just a recreation of the Daleks, but they are clearly getting their money€™s worth of four spanking new retro Dalek props by showing Daleks Invasion of Earth as well.

It is of course an important moment in Doctor Who history, the hype of the Daleks return, the departure of Susan and the first major use of location filming, hence this recreation. The image of Daleks on Westminster Bridge have graced the cover of Radio Times several times, with updated Daleks so it€™s only fitting that this drama about the early years of Doctor Who includes these scenes. The teaser worked so well that I had to watch the original story immediately.

One of the best things is the attention to detail taken with the Dalek props, the discs on their backs, the enlarged bumpers an the fact the Dalek eyeballs were silver in their second appearance, reflected in the props. A tweeted photo showed the Daleks in studio a corridor minus discs, bumpers and with black eyeballs clearly from their first appearance. These are little details that clearly they could have just ignored but have actually acknowledged. This is a production made with care and affection.
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