Doctor Who: Can You Fill In The Gaps Of These Tenth Doctor Quotes?

Can you remember these quotes from David Tennant's Tenth Doctor?

Doctor Who tenth Doctor 10th Tennant

While fans of Doctor Who will argue over who their favourite Doctor is, it's hard to deny that David Tennant's take on the time traveller remains one of the most popular. Despite being over ten years since he left the role, his charming and charismatic performance has meant he has remained one of the most beloved Doctors to date.

The 10th Doctor could be funny and energetic but also vulnerable and flawed, often fighting against his own worst impulses just as much as the monsters he faced. This mix of traits kept the character likable while still allowing room for complexity.

Of course it helps that his tenure also gave fans some of the best episodes of NuWho to date. The Family of Blood, Human Nature, Midnight, Blink, Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead are just a few of the many great episodes that happened during the 10th Doctor's time in the TARDIS.

Between Tennent's performance and the iconic episodes of his run it's no wonder fans still have a fondness for this era of the show. So, if you consider Ten to be your Doctor then test yourself and see if you can fill in these iconic quotes, Allons-y!

1. "Don't You Think She Looks ____."


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