Doctor Who Confirms Another New Series Writer

And it's probably not the one you were expecting.

The BBC has confirmed that Sarah Dollard has written an episode of the upcoming series. Dollard has penned Episode 10 of Series 9, directed by Justin Molotnikov, which is currently being filmed in Cardiff and guest stars Joivan Wade who is reprising his role as Rigsy from last year's episode Flatline. Sarah, whose previous credits include Being Human and The Game, has revealed that it's "a dream come true" to be contributing first hand to the Time Lord's televisual adventures. She added: "It€™s a total honour to contribute to a show that has brought me such joy as a fan. However, writing for Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman has presented a serious problem. Some days I've been too excited to actually sit down and type!" Her involvement in the new series was the subject of fevered fan speculation when her name was blurred out from a recent picture of the script, with some theorising that the BBC were teasing the return of a beloved writer such as Russell T Davies. What do you think of this news? Are you familiar with Sarah's work? Discuss the latest developments in the comments section below and don't miss our exclusive preview of every Series 9 episode.
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Doctor Who Editor

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