Doctor Who: Every Doctor Kiss Ranked Worst To Best

Come here. I think you need a Doctor...Who's a good kisser...

Ten Rose Cassandra New Earth

For the first 33 years of its existence, Doctor Who never really explored the idea of a romantic relationship between the titular character and his various companions. It was something that just never happened.

So when the Eighth Doctor and Grace Holloway kissed during the 1996 TV Movie, it shocked long time fans and was considered somewhat scandalous at the time.

Fast-forward to the present day, romance in the TARDIS doesn't seem so alien anymore. A romantic dynamic between Doctor and companion, was a key aspect of the Russell T Davies era and under Steven Moffat we even saw the Doctor get married. So it's safe to say that in the 15 years of the revival era there has been plenty of kissing.

Some kisses have been played for laughs and others have reduced fans to tears. Some have been truly romantic and others are just downright weird.

24. The Eleventh Doctor And Jenny Flint

Ten Rose Cassandra New Earth

Coming in at last place is undoubtedly the oddest kiss in Doctor Who so far. In Series 7's The Crimson Horror, the Paternoster Gang investigate strange going-ons at the seemingly Utopian community known as Sweetville, in Victorian-era Yorkshire.

There, Jenny Flint finds the Eleventh Doctor imprisoned but is able to rescue and revive him, with The Doctor triumphantly celebrating this, by passionately snogging Jenny.

While it's clear he's just happy to be free, the kiss is really out of character for Eleven. More to the point Jenny is not only A. Not into men but also B. Married to Madame Vastra. Two facts he is more than aware of. The pairs' reaction to the whole ordeal is quite funny but ultimately this whole affair was just a bit odd.

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