Doctor Who: Every Post-Regeneration Episode Ranked Worst To Best

Here we go again... and again and again...


Even a good few months before Steven Moffat was officially named as Russell T Davies' replacement as Doctor Who showrunner, he had already expressed his understandable excitement to his predecessor:

"Another thing: I've started. I've written the first few pages of my first episode. Couldn't stop myself. It was like incontinence. Well, hopefully not completely like incontinence. But anyway."

The high-octane creative energy pulses powerfully through Moffat's superb series five opener, The Eleventh Hour. The post-regeneration episodes are unique as our minds are mainly and eagerly concentrated on the newly-regenerated Doctor - are they funny? Sarcastic? Sexy? A right old misery? Life and soul? Right handed? Left handed? A gambler? A fighter? A coward? A traitor? A liar? A nervous wreck? Do they have a gob on them? Are they disappointed that they're still not ginger? More importantly, what will they end up wearing?

A new Doctor has rigorously road tested themselves against renegade Time Lords, teeth-encrusted warriors, and, err, something or other from The Twin Dilemma.

Before we delve into the Doctor's somewhat erratic behaviour gone by, a brief honourable mention must go to The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End, as the Tenth Doctor did regenerate but had vanity issues at the time and kept the same face. Now then, hold on to your Jelly Babies, allons-y!

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