Doctor Who: Every Thirteenth Doctor Episode Ranked From Worst To Best

With a new era on the horizon, we look back at modern Doctor Who’s most tumultuous years yet.

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As we welcome in a new era of Doctor Who, with a new(ish) showrunner, a new(ish) Doctor, and a new(ish) logo, now is the time to be looking ahead at the exciting things to come.

But at the same time, it's also the perfect opportunity to look back, and reflect on the era that's just concluded.

Chris Chibnall and Jodie Whittaker have been flying the TARDIS since 2018, with a total of 31 episodes under their belt. Does this collection of stories feature an above average amount of duds? Most certainly. But does that mean that the last four years have been without merit? Absolutely not.

So, what better way to put a bookend on this polarising run than by embarking on a retrospective of those 31 episodes, the only way that we at WhoCulture know how: by ranking them from worst to best, in a rather chunky list.

You may want to make yourself a cup of tea and grab a custard cream. This one's quite the marathon…

31. Orphan 55

Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker Thirteenth Doctor Sacha Dhawan Master
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It’s one thing for an episode to be the worst of a series, but it's another to be the worst of an era. Orphan 55 might just go above and beyond in that regard, earning its spot as the worst episode in the entirety of modern Who.

The episode features an infamously patronising climate change lecture, some truly disastrous dialogue, plotting, and pace, and the weakest supporting cast the show has ever seen, featuring walking Tumblr manifestation Hyph3n, and of course... “BENNIIIIIIIIIIII”.

It is truly, irredeemably awful.

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