Doctor Who: Everything We Know About The Fourteenth Doctor

7. Russell T Davies Is Returning As Showrunner

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Brilliantly, Russell T Davies is set to return as Doctor Who showrunner. This is the man who was behind the show's 2005 revival, and 17 years later, it's still going strong! RTD walked so Moffat and Chibnall could run.

This surprising news was the very first piece of information that Whovians learned about the new era, which went viral on social media in September 2021. In response to his return as showrunner, Davies told Radio Times:

"The reason I've worked on 34 programs in my life is because I don't normally like continuing series. That's why It's A Sin came to an end and I just moved on. I like looking at a new set of challenges every time and a blank page - but Doctor Who is always a blank page."

It's safe to say Russell T Davies is one of the greatest television writers of all time, and the fact that he's returning to Doctor Who has fans bursting with anticipation.

What brilliant new stories are on the way? We can't wait to find out.

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