Doctor Who & Jessica Jones Quiz: Who Said It - The 10th Doctor Or Killgrave?

Noble Time Lord, or evil mind controller?


You have to admit, it’s impossible not to love David Tennant.

He's played a lot of great parts, but Killgrave and 10 are two of his best. By masking his Scottish accent and adopting the same English swagger, Tennant portrayed two iconic roles who were polar opposites in literally every imaginable respect. One was a whole-heartedly selfless hero, and the other was a whole-heartedly self-obsessed monster. Were there any similarities between these two characters? Well, not really.

That said, when viewed back to back, they could be construed as two sides of the same coin, touching on extreme excesses of good and evil. They also had a knack for tagging witty quips onto the end of their dialogue.

So how easy is it to work out who's who when their speech is taken out of context? Can you tell the difference between a good man with a momentary lapse of judgement, and a nasty man paying a fleeting complement? With the clarity of the performance suggesting that David Tennant fashioned Killgrave on his previous Time Lord tenure, this quiz might be trickier than it first seems.

1. "Well, Exactly. Look At You! Not Remotely Important."


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