Doctor Who Live: 12th Doctor Revealed As...

Malcolm Tucker Doctor Who fans are only around an hour away from finally finding out who the next Doctor is after weeks of feverish speculation surrounding who will succeed Matt Smith in TV's most famous blue box. The bets have been counted, the possible candidates sounded out and the joke choices (David Beckham, anyone?) have been quietly ushered out the door, leaving only the front-runners doing the rounds in the press. Yet are we really any closer to finding out? Maybe €“ it seems to be common consensus that a woman hasn't got the role, and we know that some bookies have stopped taking bets on The Thick Of It star Peter Capaldi, suggesting a clear favourite. On paper, he does appear to be the perfect candidate €“ national treasure thanks to his role as the spectacularly sweary Malcolm Tucker, Capaldi would represent both a pair of steady hands and a marquee name for one of TV€™s most coveted roles. Of course, the odds shorten when you see that he€™s starred in Who before €“ something which seems to have always benefited past incarnations €“ and would be available after The Thick Of It dropped its last f***-bomb. But we all thought we had a rough idea last time around, but Moffat ended up going for the completely unexpected with the then-unknown Matt Smith, so really, there€™s no way this is a done deal. That said, if What Culture had to nail its colours to the mast, we€™d go for these three €“ Peter Capaldi Andrew Scott Damien Molony However, we could just end up being completely wrong, and have been in the past. So if you do fancy a flutter on Beckham, there€™s still time yet! In the meantime, why not read who we think are the 10 front-running candidates? Click €˜Next€™ below!
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