Doctor Who: Matt Smith’s 11 Best Understated Moments

4. €œI wasn€™t talking about myself.€

not about myself Yeah, bad news: these are going to stay depressing. This line comes at the end of the Doctor explaining to his companions why a creature once worshipped as a god would see death as a gift. The sacrifices the creature took to keep itself alive had €œsoaked it in the blood of innocents.€ Sound a bit familiar? The Doctor thought so, because he felt the need to clarify to his companions that it wasn€™t about him. The look of shock and a bit of sorrow on his face as he delivers the line says it all. The Doctor realizes that the words could apply to himself too. It€™s a sad moment, and it leaves us to hope that the part of the Doctor we love, the part Amy and Rory love, and the part the Doctor embraces every day, doesn€™t long for death. Which fit into the gripping suspense of €œthe Doctor€™s going to die, totally, we swear€ story of the season.

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