Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi’s 12 Best Performances As The Twelfth Doctor

The star turns from the 100 per cent rebel Time Lord.


After four years and three series of thrilling adventures in time and space - and engaging those famous attack eyebrows in the face of the universe's most fearsome monsters - Peter Capaldi’s Doctor regenerated into Jodie Whittaker on Christmas Day 2017.

Capaldi’s portrayal of the iconic time travelling alien from Gallifrey was met with universal critical acclaim. Venerated Fourth Doctor Tom Baker enthused: “He’s wonderful, isn’t he? He’s got that bunched-up, knotted energy. He’s manic.”

The Twelfth Doctor was the polar opposite to perennial fanboy and fangirl favourites David Tennant and Matt Smith: darker, distant, more mysterious, allied to caustic humour and, in his own words, “more alien than he’s been in a while”.

Capaldi’s tenure coincided with an overall darker era; he filmed, an appropriately numbered, twelve 12-rated episodes.

Like his predecessors, Capaldi had his detractors, and there are those that emphasise that by pointing out Doctor Who’s steadily declining ratings during his time in the TARDIS.

However that can also be attributed to extenuating circumstances, specifically the increased popularity of catch-up TV and the show being shunted around the schedules to accommodate other programmes.

As time goes by, appreciation for Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor will grow, which these truly outstanding performances will prove why...


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