Doctor Who Quiz: Bet You Can't Name All These Characters

Can you name all these side and minor side characters from Doctor Who's revived era?

Doctor Who Lucy Saxon Last Of The Time Lords

With a combined total of 862 episodes and specials ever since its its original run began all the way back in 1963, Doctor Who has transcended past the boundaries of the small screen to become firmly embedded as one of the faces of British society.

With its plot of a maverick alien hero stealing a time travelling spaceship, the Doctor and their various companions have taken on everything from cavemen discovering fire for the first time, all the way up to Dalek Emperors bringing about the end of reality itself.

With so many adventures across so many different settings, The Doctor and their companions have encountered countless characters over the years.

Some might have been good, some might have been bad, and some might have been a bit of both, but the show has done a wonderful job during its history of amassing an army of memorable characters that flutter in and out every few years.

However, there have been countless other side and minor characters who have appeared over the course of the revived era that might not have been quite as memorable to viewers. Bet you can't name all these characters from each one of New Who's revived seasons.

1. Who Is This Minor Character From Series 1's 'The Long Game'?


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