Doctor Who Quiz: How Well Do You Know Every Doctor's First Villain?

How well do you know each Doctor's first run-in with their rogues' gallery?

Doctor Who villains
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In The Doctor's own words: "In all my travelling throughout the universe, I have battled against evil, against power-mad conspirators. I should have stayed here. The oldest civilisation: decadent, degenerate, and rotten to the core. Power-mad conspirators, Daleks, Sontarans, Cybermen - they're still in the nursery compared to us. Ten million years of absolute power. That's what it takes to be really corrupt."

The Doctor has faced some truly terrifying, and relentless foes. After every regeneration, The Doctor is required to fight off a new threat, even in the midst of "regeneration sickness."

So, have you got post-regeneration amnesia, or can you remember which villain every Doctor first defeated?

1. Who Did The First Doctor Originally Battle Against?