Doctor Who Quiz: How Well Do You Know Matt Smith's 11th Doctor?

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It was never going to be easy to follow David Tennant's hugely popular Tenth Doctor back in 2010, and that tall task fell on the shoulders of Matt Smith, the relatively unknown actor picked to play the Eleven.

Despite all the obstacles, Smith's Eleventh Doctor went on to become a favourite of so many Whovians, with his era as a whole being so successful that it really helped launch Doctor Who onto the international stage. You could argue that the world wouldn't have been so excited about Jodie Whittaker's recent arrival if Matt Smith's tenure hadn't first re-solidified Who as one of the biggest TV series on the planet, not just in Britain.

Having established that there are a lot of Eleventh Doctor fans out there, then, the real test is now to find out whether you are one of them. Answer the following 12 questions about the Matt Smith's Doctor, his companions and his adventures to prove that you are as cool as a bowtie or a fez.

Oh, and if you get them all right, you have to do the "drunk giraffe" dance. Sorry, them's the rules.

1. The Eleventh Doctor First Gets His Clothes From Where?


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