Doctor Who Quiz: How Well Do You Know Series 1?

Can you remember all the details of the Ninth Doctor's adventures through time and space?


Back in 2005, Doctor Who made a triumphant return to our television screens. Though certain aspects of the first series now feel a little outdated, the episodes hold up very well for the most part.

At the centre of the first series is two terrific performances. Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper embody their characters perfectly from the very first episode, and it's great to see Rose and the Doctor’s relationship develop as the series goes on.

The writing is also on point throughout. Sure, there are a few episodes where the script feels like it could have done with a few more drafts, but even the weakest episodes are enjoyable.

For those more familiar with the Steven Moffat era, the adventures in Series 1 may seem a little more simplistic. However, the purpose of the first series was to rejuvenate the show, and as such, these more accessible storylines were ideal.

Having said that, there is still plenty of detail and depth to the Ninth Doctor’s adventures through time and space.

How well can you remember the first series of Doctor Who?

Answers at the end!

1. What Is Rose’s Job?


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