Doctor Who Quiz: How Well Do You Really Know Amy Pond?

She's one of the Doctor's most beloved companions, but just how well do you remember Amy Pond?

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Most Doctors seem to have that one companion who really seems to be an intrinsic part of their time in the TARDIS - a best friend who sticks around for a good portion of their run and leaves a big impression when they leave. The Third Doctor had Jo, the Ninth Doctor had Rose and the Eleventh Doctor had Amy Pond.

Joining the freshly-regenerated Eleventh Doctor in his debut episode after he crashed the TARDIS into her garden, Amelia "Amy" Pond was the first face that that Doctor ever saw. With a slightly more complicated timeline than most companions, courtesy of Steven Moffat's signature style of storytelling, Amy would go on to be one of he longest-serving companions in New Who.

Oozing with wit and personality, and developing instant chemistry with Matt Smith's Doctor, Amy quickly became a fan-favourite, along with her long-suffering partner, Rory Williams. This led to the Doctor's time with the Ponds becoming a fondly remembered era of the show, breaking the hearts of many when it came to an end.

But just how well do you remember Amy's travels through time and space? Don't sit up waiting all night, jump in and find out!

1. What Is Amy's Full Birth Name?


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