Doctor Who Quiz: How Well Do You REALLY Know David Tennant's 10th Doctor?

Prove you're a tenacious Tennant fan.


Jodie Whittaker has made her full debut as the Thirteenth Doctor, and already seems to be a hugely popular incarnation of the Time Lord. But the real question is: will she be able to knock David Tennant from the top spot as arguably the most beloved actor to play the part?

Tennant portrayed the Tenth Doctor from 2005 to 2010, plus a comeback in the 50th anniversary special in 2013, and won over Whovians everywhere with his endless charm and sense of fun but also the humanity and vulnerability he brought to the character, making him perhaps the most relatable of all Doctors.

Across his three seasons (and assorted specials), the Tenth Doctor endured romance and tragedy and laughs and horror and an awful lot of running. But how well do you remember the Tennant era of Doctor Who? Can you rattle off his episodes in order backwards? Do you recall in what century he invented the banana daiquiri? Or the fruit you should never, ever let him eat?

Prove that you are the most tenacious Tenth Doctor fan there is by answering every one of the following questions correctly. There's only one thing left to say: Allons-y!

1. The Tenth Doctor Defeated The Sycorax Leader With What Fruit?


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