Doctor Who Quiz: Name The Dalek Story

Do you know your Resurrection from Remembrance? Or your Planet from your Destiny?

Doctor Who Daleks Series 1

This holiday season will see the debut of a brand-new Dalek adventure, "Revolution of the Daleks"! It will be joining an extremely long and distinguished list of stories that features the Doctor's oldest recurring enemy.

Ever since their introduction, the Daleks have been some of the Doctor's most terrifying foes. Their unique design and voices have certainly made the some of the most memorable villains in the show's history, and their cries of "Exterminate!" have sent countless children scurrying behind the sofa in terror. Every Doctor has had at least one onscreen encounter with the Daleks in their run. To some people, one of the main criteria for judging a new Doctor is how well they deal with the Daleks.

In many ways, the Daleks are the face of Doctor Who every bit as much as the Doctor or the TARDIS. But with so many different Dalek stories over the course of the show's almost 57-year history, it's easy to get them mixed up with each other. How well are you able to tell them apart? Take our quiz to find out!

1. In Which Story Did The Doctor First Meet The Daleks?


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