Doctor Who: Ranking Every Regeneration From Worst To Best

Out with the old, in with the new.

Tennant Regeneration

Doctor Who sets itself apart from other TV franchises simply because they can recast the main character, and not have to pretend like nothing is different. Not only does it give the show near-infinite longevity, but it breathes new life into the show every few years.

Though there are many positives to the change, it's never easy to say goodbye to a Doctor, especially if your handful of series with that iteration of the Time Lord have been your favourite thus far. However, if The Doctor sends themselves off in a meaningful, moving, or action-packed manner, it might make the transition for the audience a little easier.

Either we'll be ready for the future, or we'll still be on the floor, in the fetal position, crying profusely. Let's rank them, eh?

13. The Sixth Doctor To The Seventh Doctor

Doctor Who 6th Regeneration

The Colin Baker era of Doctor Who was- interesting. He was abrasive, violent, and BBC 1 controller at the time, Michael Grade, put him on his hit list. When the Sixth Doctor was fired from the show, the blood was bad. Real bad. So much so, when Season 24 aired, Colin Baker did not return for his regeneration scene.

Sylvester McCoy was cast, and he was all the production team had to play with when having the Sixth Doctor regenerate into the Seventh. So, they stuck him in a curly, blonde wig, and had him face-down. After the TARDIS crash-lands, a beast waltzes in and rolls The Doctor over, who is suffering from a serious case of the glow-y face, and is definitely just Sylvester McCoy in a wig.

The Sixth Doctor didn't get a spectacular send off whatsoever. Though he's not topping anyone's list of favourite Doctors, it's still a shame.

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