Doctor Who: 'Rose' Rewatch - Escaping Kasterborous #1 (Podcast)

The rewatch begins.

Rose WhoCulture Podcast

Join Rich Hutson and Amy Elizabeth as they re-watch, reminisce, and review the entirety of the reboot era of Doctor Who!

Of course, we begin with the first episode of NuWho, 'Rose.' First aired on March 26th 2005, a 21st century TV audience received their first taste of an adventure with the titular Time Lord. After blowing up her job, The Doctor teams up with 19 year-old Rose Tyler to take down a potential world-ending threat, the Nestene Consciousness. Rich and Amy look back to their first time watching the episode, and reflect on how much this singular 45-minute TV event put so many things in motion.

Russell T Davies' rebooted Doctor Who would continue to become a worldwide phenomenon, and this is where it all began.

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Born in Theatre, sits at a Computer. After over a decade of tinkering with Video Editing software, Rich gets to spend his precious time editing whatever's thrown at him. Also the go-to for Doctor Who, and could tell you why Sans Serif fonts are better than most. Still occasionally tap dances under the desk.