Doctor Who Season 7 To Have New Scary Monster

Steven Moffat promising a monster as creepy as the unnerving Weeping Angels for the next season.

Steven Moffat may have managed to go down in Doctor Who history by creating the unnerving Weeping Angels, but now he reckons he has done it again with a new monster he is confident will be scary. There have been any number of bizarre beings for the Doctor to face off against over the years, but it is hard to create a being that is every bit as diabolical and enduring as the Daleks and Cybermen in their heyday. However, posting his teaser on Twitter, the show's frontrunner said, €œSee this new monster I've invented? This is a GOOD one. This will SCARE you. Oh yes." Sounds quite confident doesn€™t he? As filming on the first part of Series 7 is complete, it is likely we will not get our first glimpse of this new monster until next year, unless he decides to give a sneak peek at it some time in the near future. It has already been revealed that the Daleks will make a return to the show in the first episode of the new series, and the Weeping Angels will play a part in the departure of companions Amy and Rory from the show, so with addition of this new monster, it€™s all shaping up to be a series to be remembered, and potentially a good lead into the show€™s 50th Anniversary. Moffat recently revealed that he is confident that the BBC will not be in a hurry to €œgive up€ Doctor Who as it has become a massive money spinner in the last seven years, which is only good news for fans.
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