Doctor Who Series 12 - 8 Major Rumours You Need To Know

The Doctor is coming, and Series 12 is shaping up to push her further than ever before.


After dropping two action-packed, tantalisingly cryptic trailers, the BBC has laid online speculation to rest and confirmed that fans going through timey-wimey withdrawal can expect a much-needed fix of the iconic sci-fi show on New Year’s Day.

And, while often divisive in both its lack of iconic monsters and socio-cultural focus, Series 11 injected the show with fresh bursts of energy, wit, and heart, seeing Jodie Whittaker’s debut series as everyone’s favourite Gallifreyan exile return to the self-contained space and time spanning adventures of series past.

The intrigue-filled teasers suggest changes both welcome and bold, with Series 12 looking set to ratchet up the tempo, reintroduce several iconic villains and offer a glimpse into a much darker side of the Thirteenth Doctor.

But, as ever with Doctor Who, both fan and media speculation is rife, with rumours falling into the categories of probable, possible and oh-my-blessed-fez-and-bowtie what are you doing?

Why is that Judoon so angry? Is that another TARDIS? What is chasing The Doctor? Is that Mary Shelley? Why is everyone crying?

Answers are imminent. And, if whispers from Doctor Who insiders are to be believed, Series 12 is set to be huge.

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