Doctor Who Series 7: 10 Reasons Why You Must Watch

This weekend sees the return of Doctor Who and the new series promises to deliver more Whovian goodness than you can poke a plunger at.

Pond Life, a mini-web series that has been debuting a new episode each day this week on the BBC€™s Doctor Who website. In a nutshell, you get to see what the Doctor has been up to since we last saw him in the €˜Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe.€™.

10. It's Dinosaurs On A Spaceship!

If there€™s one thing that gives Doctor Who a universal appeal it€™s the show€™s ability to appeal to such a wide audience. €˜Dinosaurs on a spaceship€™, the second episode of Series 7 is clearly aiming to pick up that mantle. After what will no doubt be a fairly serious season opener with the Daleks making their big comeback, the concept of the episode simply oozes with the sort of frivolous ridiculousness that endears us to Doctor Who. What also makes this something to look forward to is the fact this is something of a homage to the Third Doctor€™s €˜Invasion of the Dinosaurs€™. That episode itself bordered on the absurd, especially with the special effects used to create those dinosaurs. Whereas with the CGI effects available to the BBC these days, I think we won€™t be in hysterics over the actual dinosaurs on screen. If you need more, just picture the way Matt Smith delivers the line €œIts dinosaurs on a spaceship!€

Working in public relations, the place where writers and creative people go to die, Gwynn maintains an eclectic mix of interests that range from long-distance running and writing through to Latin dancing and science fiction. As a child he once tried to turn his tricycle into a Dalek using sticky tape and A4 paper. His Dad didn’t appreciate his creative use of all the printer paper as much as Gwynn did. Follow Gwynn on Twitter @gwynncompton