Doctor Who Series 7: 5 Theories About Jenna-Louise Coleman in Asylum of the Daleks

Five theories about Coleman's surprise appearance in the season premiere and what it means for the rest of the series.

After nearly a year away from our screens, Doctor Who is back! The Series 7 premiere had a lot of surprises including the potential end of Amy and Rory's marriage and human-Dalek hybrids. But the biggest shock was Jenna-Louise Coleman's appearance in the episode. It was announced in March that she would be taking over as The Doctor's companion as of the Christmas Special. No one expected to see her before then, but Steven Moffat fooled us all. But how can she be the next companion if she is dead? According to reports, Coleman's character name is Clara Oswald, but the character in Asylum of the Daleks is named Oswin Oswald. So here are five theories about Coleman's appearance in the premiere and what it means for the rest of the series.

5. It's All Relative

Oswin Oswald may be a relative of Clara's. The question is: descendant, ancestor or other? When we first meet Oswin, she is recording a message to her mother. Could Clara be her mother? Maybe a twin sister. Two Jenna-Louise Colemans are better than one. This is my personal theory and I think that Jenna will appear in every episode of this series as a different Oswald family member.

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