Doctor Who Series 9: 22 Easter Eggs You Need To See

This year was most excellent.

"Stories are where memories go when they're forgotten." Series 9 of Doctor Who may have just been a collection of stories, but it's not going to be forgotten anytime soon, instead living long in the memory. The reason for this is because, quite simply, it's one of the best series of the show in years (the best since Matt Smith's first, Series 5, I would say). Peter Capaldi really grew into the role this year, showcasing a full range of acting abilities, from Funny Doctor to Sad Doctor via Angry Doctor, with episode 11, Heaven Sent, representing a high-point for both his tenure and the show as a whole. Jenna Coleman, who some fans complained took on the main role last year, matched him every step of the way as she went out on a very emotional high-note. Along the way the show was packed full of references to the past, as well as other elements of pop culture. It has 50 years of history and all of time and space to play around with, and made the most of that by tipping its hat to a variety of films, TV shows, and of course Who lore itself, and these are some of the very best, from a series that was one of the very best.

22. Bill And Ted

The Doctor has time-travelled to the Middle Ages, and has become something of a rockstar, wielding an axe and teaching everyone the word 'dude'. Whether intentional or not (and you'd think that Moffat must have at least realised the similarities) it was a very clear throwback to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, which features the duo travelling through various time-periods in order to help them with their high-school history project. It could be a coincidence, but the fact that he keeps saying 'dude' and mentions that he introduced the word (not to mention he gets around in a phone box) indicates it was a knowing reference. As he's playing to the crowd, the Doctor (the Rocktor? No, sorry) also has them complete the line "we are all the young dudes", a reference to the David Bowie song All The Young Dudes, which certainly fits with this iteration of the Doctor as a rockstar.

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