Doctor Who Series 9: Every Single Episode Previewed

Take a peek into the Doctor's 2000 year diary.

For Doctor Who fans, the waiting is always the hardest part. The Doctor returns to our screens for his latest string of extraterrestrial escapades and then he's gone again before you can say, "Don't blink!". Each of his annual televisual comebacks is preceded by a heated flurry of speculation and anticipation and this year is no different. Peter Capaldi will be back where he belongs at the helm of the TARDIS this autumn and this time the Twelfth Doctor will no longer be the new boy in town. It'll be familiar faces all round, actually, as Jenna Coleman will once again be reprising her reputable role as Clara Oswald for her third series as our hero's coveted companion. Billed as "the glory days", Series 9 will see the dynamic duo embark on their most thrilling and dangerous adventures yet and, from what's been revealed about it thus far, it sure as hell is going to be an unforgettable ride. Not only will the upcoming episodes reunite us with a host of friends and foes from the past (including Kate Stewart, Osgood, Missy and the Zygons - to name but a few), but viewers will also get to meet an array of new allies and adversaries in a series that looks set to be bigger and better than ever before. There's still a few months to go until it finally graces our tellyboxes (boo!), but if you scour the Internet then there are nuggets of info on every single episode. Take a peek into the Doctor's 2,000 year diary for a timey-wimey taste of what's to come. There'll be spoilers ahead, albeit small ones.

Doctor Who Editor
Doctor Who Editor

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