Doctor Who: Steven Moffat's Timey-Wimiest Episodes

9. Twice Upon A Time (2017)

Doctor Who Matt Smith David Tennant Day Of The Doctor

For Steven Moffat’s last Doctor Who episode, he crafted a story which brought together the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi) with his original incarnation (a recast David Bradley), both on the cusp of their regenerations.

Meetings between Doctors are already playing with the rules of time travel, but the fun didn't stop there. He also introduced the Testimony--beings from the future who briefly kidnap people just before their deaths in order to copy their memories for posterity. Like many of Moffat's creations, they appear eerie and menacing at first, but are eventually revealed to be relatively benign.

The emotional core of the story is the way the situation forces both the youngest and oldest Doctors to evaluate their lives and the impact of their decisions. It becomes a reinforcement of the character's ideals, and as befits a final story, it looks back at where the show has come from while also dreaming about the future to come.

To cap off all this off, the story finishes with a feel-good moment where the Doctor tweaks time slightly so that the fated death of one character - a World War I officer - is prevented thanks to the famous Christmas Day truce of 1914. In this, Steven Moffat wraps up his tenure on the program with brightness and optimism


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