Doctor Who: The 11 Best Ever TARDIS Designs

TARDIS €˜Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS€™ showed us more of the TARDIS than perhaps we€™ve ever seen before. Sure €˜The Doctor€™s Wife€™ showed us not one but two console rooms and some corridors going up, down and side to side and in the 70€™s €˜The Invasion of Time€™ showed us that many of the other rooms in the TARDIS looked like a disused hospital, but €˜Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS€™ gave us a much grander view of some parts of the TARDIS that hadn€™t been so much as mentioned such as the observatory. So with those revelations now laid it, this seems like as good a time as any to review the Doctor€™s taste in decoration over the years.

11. The Fourth Doctor€™s TARDIS


The Fourth Doctor had more control rooms than any other Doctor. This control room, first seen in €˜The Invisible Enemy€™ set the style of control room that would be seen up to the end of the series original run. The only problem is, it was done better with each subsequent attempt. This version is held in low regard because it€™s just so shabby. The roundels get more scuffed and battered as the years go by, as does the console, which is a horrible dull grey. The worst €˜feature€™ by far is the massive join down the middle for the far wall that you€™d be forgiven for thinking was gaffer tape or a piece of wood. €˜The Horns of Nimon€™ saw the last time this set was used and it€™s clear why - the console is covered in scorch marks and various controls are broken off. There doesn€™t seem to be much 'design' about this console room either, more like TARDIS décor by numbers. Roundels, check, scanner, check, big chunky doors, check, and they left it at that. There is no flair about it at all, it€™s clinical and bland. It isn€™t helped that this set came directly after the wooden Secondary Control room, which couldn€™t be any further from this. To quote the Second Doctor €˜You€™ve redecorated haven€™t you€ I don€™t like it.€™. Also weirdly for the TARDIS it€™s extremely claustrophobic. It€™s the smallest TARDIS set there has ever been. That said, this set was used for the aforementioned €˜Invasion of Time€™ where the Sontarans pursue the Doctor into the depths of the time ship. It was planned to be very much like €˜Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS€™ but strike action put and end to that and the planned sets never got made, resulting in a hastily arranged location shoot. We saw the TARDIS€™s power station disguised as an art gallery, which just about works, the medical bay, which looks like an abandoned hospital, the swimming pool, which neatly has roundel-like circular archways, the Doctor€™s garden, with a carnivorous, Sontaran eating plant. But most underwhelming is the Doctor€™s workshop, where you€™d expect to see a whole sonic tool box, all sorts of gadgets and gizmos, various inventions and creations, but what we got was is a grotty tool shed, with bin bags taped over the windows. This set was used for 3 years, our next contender was used for one story and still fairs better.
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