Doctor Who: The Doctor's Regeneration Episodes Ranked Worst To Best

We will always remember when the Doctor was them.


The regeneration of the Doctor brings a mixture of sadness and excitement. Sadness, because some of us will have become so attached to a Doctor/actor that resonated with our own personality: be it they were quirky, mysterious or charming, or simply that person was the Doctor you knew first, and subsequently grew up with- and the thought of anyone else piloting the TARDIS is nigh on sacrilege. Either way, it’s tissues at the ready - we don’t want them to go.

But just as soon as we've dried our eyes, there’s a bubbling anticipation when a new face emerges in front of us. What’s this Doctor going to be like? What will set them apart from their predecessors? What will they wear that will define this new incarnation as much as their adventures across time and space?

These unique episodes have seen the Doctor battle the Time Lords, take on giant spiders, and defeat the Daleks, but at the cost of their own lives. So thank you to all the actors past, present (and future) who put their own unique stamp on our favourite time travelling hero.

However the biggest thank you must go to two of the early pioneers of Doctor Who - producer Innes Lloyd and script editor Gerry Davis - for it is they who introduced the, as it turned out, ingenious concept of regeneration, and thus captivated an audience beyond 1966.

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