Doctor Who: The New Who TARDISes Ranked

doctor_who_tardis The TARDIS, or Time and Relative Dimension in Space if you want to be picky. However much the show changes we can always count on the TARDIS to be the up and downy stuff in a big blue box that we all love. However, even the TARDIS likes to change sometimes, often when it becomes damaged or just if The Doctor just has too much time on his hands he decides to redecorate. With the most recent interior still being fairly new, we're probably not going to get another one for quite a while so it seems like a good time to rank them. Keep in mind that this is only New Who, so don't blame me if the 8th Doctor's Gothic castle of a ship isn't on here. Mind you, it is pretty cool. Note: I love all of the console rooms, but they all have flaws.

3. The 9th And 10th Doctor's "Coral" TARDIS

Doctor Who 9th Tardis Ah, the nostalgia of the coral. And just look at those roundels! For many people of a certain age, this was their first TARDIS, and the longest-running interior on the revived series. This TARDIS really felt quite alive, you got a sense of a living creature from the organic green glow and the winding decorative features. Honestly, he never used those coral spires for anything but hanging his coat on. The walkway around the edge provided a good sense of elevation and height to the set, yet the wall was only half built, restricting the shots that could be used inside of it. Let's not forget the fantastic cloakroom as well that we got the briefest of glimpses at in "The Christmas Invasion". However, there is one major flaw with this TARDIS for me €“ the fact that it just looks like a giant dome. I have no idea where the doors are that lead to the rest of the ship and that gives it quite a closed atmosphere, as if it's not an infinite ship, just this one room. All that said, I still have fond memories of this one, and I don't think we'll ever see a TARDIS get as ripped apart as in "The End of Time: Part 2."
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