Doctor Who: The Ultimate Daleks Quiz

They're mean, menacing, and mechanical. Do you know The Doctor's exterminating enemies?

Daleks Fire

Mutants, from a thousand-year nuclear war on their home planet Skaro, the Daleks are tanks, driven by hatred of anything different to themselves. Created by Skaro's leader, the crippled scientist Davros, and plaguing The Doctor for years on end. They always survive, they always come back, and they always exterminate.

From their birth on Skaro to stealing 27 planets in order to detonate the Reality Bomb, the Daleks have been there - plotting and planning to destroy everything and everyone that isn't like them. Brainwashed into believing that they're the supreme beings of the universe, the Daleks are beings of pure hatred and anger. They are loyal only to themselves, having betrayed their creator on numerous occasions. Their only goal?

To conquer. As The Doctor once said, there's no such thing as a good Dalek, and he was right. As soon as a mad Dalek began to experience human emotions, at the hands of Rose Tyler, it begged to be exterminated.

They've been battling against the Doctor for hundreds of years - but how much do you remember about them?

1. Who Were The Kaleds At War With When They Became The Daleks?

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