Doctor Who: Top 10 Companion Arrivals

The best of friends invited into the big, blue, box!

Doctor Who would not be the show we all know and love without the presence of the TARDIS companions. From Ian, Barbara, and Susan in 1963 to Clara in 2014, the companions have been crucial to the show's success. They represent us and how we would react - or like to think we would react - if we were given the chance to travel through time and space. Because we identify so closely with the companions, we tend to focus a lot on their departure episodes; we take solace in knowing our favorites received a proper send-off that is a worthy representation of their time aboard the TARDIS. There is so much focus on the companions' departure episodes, whether or not the character got a fair send-off, that the arrival episodes are often overlooked. This is surprising because, in a way, the arrival episodes are actually more important. How they enter the Doctor€™s life sets the tone for their TARDIS travels and their interactions with the Doctor, and they also serve as a guidepost for how much the companions grow and change as people. No one stays the same after an encounter with the Doctor, and the first time anyone meets him is the first step in the adventure of a lifetime.
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