Doctor Who: What Happened To Every Companion?

The ultimate fates of those The Doctor chose for his special job.


Doctor Who, the sci fi television sensation, has been running for 56 years. Half a century, and 13 incarnations of the eponymous Doctor throughout, is obviously a lot of content to get through and keep track of. Fortunately nerds LIVE for this kind of thing, so the internet has an archive of everything from beginning to now.

Which is definitely good for us, considering the task we've undertaken.

The Doctor has traveled with companions literally since the beginning. The character - no matter how the actor playing them portrays them - is not all that interesting on their own, and thus needs someone to bounce off of. There have been almost as many companions as there are years that this show has been around. So, for reasons that escape me, we're going to look through what ultimately happened to The Doctor's companions. All of them.

To ensure that this list doesn't stray too far into double digits, we'll separate each entry into each era of The Doctor, detailing the departure of each companion that left during that era. Obviously 13 isn't on here, since her era isn't over yet, but besides that, here is what became of the people The Doctor brought along on his quest to see the stars.

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