Doctor Who's 10 Worst Fashion Faux Pas

1. Everything The Sixth Doctor Wore Ever

No prizes for guessing that this would be at the top of the list! All these years later fans are still contending with the rainbow nightmare that was the Sixth Doctor's costume. In The Day of the Doctor viewers discovered that the Doctor had been denying the entire existence of a past incarnation for his actions during the Time War and they wouldn't have blamed him for ignoring his sixth self too, simply for his sense of style alone - or lack thereof, to be more precise. While Baker's performance was terrific (especially when considering the quality of some the scripts he had to work with), his tenure as the Time Lord is often sold short simply by the overall aesthetic that the costume department decided to go with. Baker himself has gone on record numerous times to state that he originally wanted a monochrome costume - not unlike what fans now see the Twelfth Doctor wearing - but he was made to wear the ensemble many have dubbed a 'clown costume'. There are arguments, of course, that the bright colours of the Doctor's exterior perfectly juxtapose the murky, darker persona this Doctor was known to have. The cut and style of each individual piece is fairly nice and, again, sees a return to a classical silhouette for the Doctor, but the fabrics chosen make this tacky and laughable in every sense of the word. Imagine if the entire outfit was done in complementary colours with a minimal amount of pattern on the fabric. Wouldn't that give you an altogether different impression of this incarnation of the Doctor? A monochrome version of this costume would look incredibly cool and would, perhaps, have altered fan perceptions of the Sixth Doctor. While this costume certainly looks as though it was designed by a child and is, without a doubt, is the biggest fashion faux pas the Doctor has ever been guilty of, Colin Baker manages to grin and bear it and gave us many a fine performance throughout his run. Luckily, the Doctor seems to be in safe hands with the latest designers and viewers will hopefully see each new incarnation look better and better. Fans already have a new style icon in Peter Capaldi so who knows just what the future will hold? What do you think of the list? What are your Doctor Who fashion faux pas? Share your thoughts in the comments.
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