Each Lead From The Good Place Ranked Worst To Best

Holy forking shirtballs! Time to position the Good Place crew from worst to best.


The Good Place was an incredibly consistent series, that never failed to be exciting or hilarious. A sitcom based on the afterlife was such a unique concept that the showrunners had almost no limits to the scenarios that they could come up with, and they certainly took full advantage of this.

Despite the outlandish premise, a major factor for its success was relatability. Although the characters are all dead, they still felt incredibly alive and real. This not only assisted the narrative but it made the show worth watching as you needed to know what would happen to them next.

Each lead took a traditional archetypal role in the standard sitcom format and expanded it to become unique. They were helped by the fact that the situations they faced were far more challenging than what comedy characters normally experience.

Amongst these leads is a hierarchy of humour and contribution to the show that is challenging to quantify. However, to explore them and the show in detail it shall be done.

This article will contain spoilers for the entire series. The twists and turns are very important to the narrative and to discuss the characters without exposing the plot would leave a lot to be missed.


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