Emmys 2017 Nominations: 10 Most Outrageous Snubs

When you're living in a golden age of television, tough decisions get made.


It's been said before, but it's worth repeating: this is a great time to be alive when it comes to the sheer breadth and creativity of popular television.

Once upon a time, people were shackled to the same unimaginative sitcoms and procedural dramas offered by the very few major networks, and if you didn't like it, too bad. But now that there are so many channels and non-traditional services like Netflix and Hulu churning out more and more fantastic original content, we're spoiled for choices.

So what's the downside? Well, admittedly it isn't much of one when looked at with any measure of perspective, but there is the simple fact that with so much quality television out there, the possibility for some great shows to be overlooked, especially when it comes to awards time.

The Primetime Emmy nominations were revealed last week, with Westworld and SNL leading the way with 22 nominations each. However, even with the frankly absurd number of categories that the Emmys have to offer, there are some fantastic shows that have been left out in the cold this year.


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